All about the EU Digital COVID Certificate and how to get one

November 8, 2021
EU Digital Covid Certificate What is

Vaccination passports have become a reality, and this summer, the European Union presented the European Digital COVID Certificate. A certificate that makes it easier for members in the European Union to travel to other member countries. We prepared a video to answer every main questions about the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

As traveling becomes more and more popular after the Covid-19 pandemic, the governments are trying to make things easier for people to travel. Especially for those who are vaccinated and present a lower risk of transmitting the disease.

What is the European Union Digital COVID Certificate?

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a digital certification that a person is

  • A) Vaccinated against Covid-19
  • B) Tested negative for coronavirus, or
  • C) Recovered from COVID

It is neither a passport nor a travel permit. Nor a travel document that permits or prevents you from traveling under certain circumstances across the European Union. It is just a tool that makes it easier to move between member countries of the European Union and other countries while guaranteeing health and safety for everyone.

Getting your travel documents ready with iVisa is as simple as booking a flight. Just go to and select your country and destination, fill in the form, pay the necessary fees and wait for your documentation to arrive, via e-mail. Fast and easy.

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