Belarus Is Punishing EU and UK Airlines in Retaliation

December 12, 2021
Belarus is punishing EU and UK airlines in retaliation

Belarus is punishing EU and UK airlines in retaliation for previous sanctions towards Belarus.

The government of Belarus also announced that it would impose retaliatory sanctions on western goods. Belarus will ban imports from these countries because they have sanctioned Belarus before.

Belarus Has Yet to Announce the List of Countries

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s statement reads that the import comes after the “illegal external sanctions pressure aimed at undermining the sovereignty of Belarus and deterioration of the wellbeing of Belarusian citizens.”

Even so, Belarus still needs to announce which countries are affected by the recent decision and what western goods Belarus will ban.

While Belarus is punishing EU and UK airlines in retaliation, Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, said the sanctions would not cause any “tangible harm.”

He stressed that “Of course, there is nothing good in this. But to lie down today, fold our arms over our chest and die, there is no reason for that.”

Last week, authorities of the United States and the United Kingdom, plus Canada and the European Union, introduced sanctions that concerned many officials from Belarus and several companies and organizations.

The EU Wants to Stop the Instrumentalization of People

Last month, Foreign Ministers of the EU said that they planned to expand the sanctions imposed on Belarus in a bid to spot the instrumentalization of humans performed by Belarusian authorities.

The decision was made after Lithuania and Latvia noticed an increasing number of migrants.

According to the last statement that the Council of the European Union published, the new changes will let authorities in EU countries target anyone that supports Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko’s activities. It was him who eased illegal EU border crossings.

In October, leaders of the European Union pointed out they would not put up with the instrumentalization of migrants for political goals. Lukashenko’s competitors accused him of utilizing migrants to destabilize the bloc.

Be that as it may, based on a recent Reuters report, fewer migrants are trying to get to Poland illegally at the moment.

Reuters communicated that only 35 people had tried to cross Poland’s border last Sunday, compared to 501 attempts registered on November 17th.

Several authorities of EU Member States debated on November 10th and highlighted that the bloc must stand united in response to Belarus’s regime. According to these authorities, the government of Belarus is an inhuman instrumentalization of migrants.

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