No Flights Between Brussels and Ljubljana from January 10th to February 28th

January 9, 2022
No flights between Brussels and Ljubljana from January 10th to February 28th

Slovenian authorities have communicated that there would be no flights between Brussels and Ljubljana from January 10th to February 28th.

According to a report released by Exyuaviation, Hungarian ultra-low-cost airline Wizz Air has also discontinued service between Slovenia’s capital and Brussels from January 7th to March 11th.

Many Airlines Are Affected by the Suspension

Thirteen airlines fly from Ljubljana Airport to 15 different destinations. Apart from Brussels Airlines and Wizz Air, which fly to London Luton three times a week, Aeroflot flies five times a week to Russia’s capital. Air France flies to France’s capital nine times a week, Air Montenegro to Podgorica twice per week, and Air Serbia flies nine times a week to Serbia’s capital and twice a week to Nis.

easyJet offers three weekly flights to London Gatwick, and Flydubai flies to Dubai three times per week. LOT Polish Airlines has six weekly flights between Ljubljana and Warsaw, and Lufthansa serves Frankfurt 13 times weekly. Swiss International Airlines flies to Zurich four times a week.

The spread of coronavirus and its new strain also wreaked havoc on Slovenia’s travel and tourism industry, causing many flights to be canceled.

Several connections that were temporarily suspended due to the epidemiological situation and Omicron and are expected to be restored in summer, including Transavia France’s flights to Paris’s Orly, Finland’s flag carrier Finnair’s flights to Helsinki, Lufthansa’s flights to Munich, and British Airways flights to London Heathrow, among others.

Air Passenger Traffic Has Plummeted in Slovenia

While there will be no flights between Brussels and Ljubljana from January 10th to February 28th, Slovenia experienced an 83.3% drop in air passenger traffic in 2020. According to a previous analysis by Eurostat, the source of the European statistics, this was the largest decrease among European Union Member States.

With 288,000 passengers, Slovenia’s Joe Punik Airport Ljubljana was rated 147th in air passenger traffic, with 159,000 passengers traveling within the EU and 129,000 to third countries.

Apart from Slovenia, all European Union countries saw a significant drop in air passenger traffic in 2020.

According to Statista data, the Czech Republic registered a 79.7% reduction in 2020 compared to the previous year’s results, followed by Finland (-76.7%), Italy (-74.9%), Spain (-74.6%), and Germany (-74.5%).

The pandemic continues to cause problems for all countries, mainly due to the new Omicron strain, which was recently detected in Slovenia.

According to World Health Organization data, the country has recorded 467,565 coronavirus infections and over 6,070 deaths.

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