UK Passport Expired? Here’s How to Submit Your Passport Renewal Application Online (Quick & Simple!)

January 7, 2022
UK passport renewal application online

If your passport has expired and you aren’t really sure about what to do to renew it, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to submit your passport renewal application online:

UK Passport Expired? Here’s How to Submit Your Passport Renewal Application Online (Quick & Simple!)

Renewing your passport may be the only bureaucracy in the UK that is not completely crazy.

But what if my passport has expired? Can I still do the application online? Short answer, yes. Long answer, ahead.

How often do UK passports need to be renewed?

All UK passports carry a limited period validity. Passports issued to people under 16 carry a validity of 5 years, whereas passports issued to people 16 or older are valid for 10 years. 

In order to travel abroad, you will have to apply for a UK passport renewal before the expiry of its validity period. If you don’t do so, you will not be able to travel.

It is important to be noted here that there is no particular time at which your passport needs to be renewed. You can renew your passport anytime.  And when you do so, the remaining validity of your current passport will be transferred to your renewed passport, with a limit of 9 months. 

However, we do recommend renewing your passport at least 6 months prior to its expiry date, since some countries won’t let you in unless your passport has a validity of at least 6 months.

My passport has already expired and I need to renew my passport

UK passports are still valid for renewal within 10 years from expiry date. That means you still have 10 more years to renew your passport with the regular passport renewal application.

If a passport has exceeded this timeframe, then all qualifying criteria must be submitted as for a first-time application. This means you will have to submit documents such as your original birth certificate, your marriage certificate in the event of name changes, etc.
But the application is exactly the same. To start your regular online application right now, simply go to

I’m sure you know that in order to fly, most times you need more documents than just your passport. If you want to know what other travel documents you need to get to your desired destination, simply go to and choose the UK as your nationality and then select your destination. 

Our easy-to-use platform will show you exactly what documents you need to enter your destination country. We can also do the hard work and get your travel documents ready for you while you use your time for more important matters. Like family, friends, or just having fun.

Our mission at has always been simplifying travel around the globe, by providing a fast and easy way to get your travel documents ready.

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