UK Passport Renewal Application (2021) | How to Renew Your UK Passport Online

November 25, 2021
UK Passport Renewal Application Made Easy

UK Passport Renewal is never fun. But thanks to technology, it is becoming easier for some countries, like the UK. So, if you have a coming trip and you need to renew your British passport, or if your passport is about to expire and you want to renew it, keep watching this video.

UK Passport Renewal Application (2021)

So everybody knows that bureaucracy in the UK is WILD. Right? But sometimes you find that there are some processes that actually get easier and better with time and the proper technology.

Now, there are two ways to renew your passport in the UK: via the postal service or online. In this video we will be focusing on the online application, as it is the fastest and the easiest way.

The price for the passport renewal online service is 75.50 pounds. If you choose the postal service, your passport will cost you 85 pounds.

Usually, you can get your new passport in the UK in 6 to 10 weeks, but it may go longer if you apply for it offline by post. If you’re in a rush and need your passport renewal urgently, you have two other options available by the government at a higher price. The online premium service and the 1-week fast track.

Once you have your passport with you and you want to travel to another country, bear in mind that you’re gonna need other documents in order to travel successfully. And even more so since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world.

If you want to know what other travel documents you need to go to your travel destination, simply go to and select your country and then your destination. Our easy-to-use system will show you exactly what documents you need to enter your destination country. You can also let us do the work of applying for all your travel documents with just a few clicks. 

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