UK Passport Renewal Process and Waiting Times Explained (Fast & Easy Way)

December 23, 2021
UK passport renewal process explained

If you are reading this article this video, you are probably worried about the waiting time for your UK Passport renewal process. So, do not worry, we have all the answers for you in this video: 

UK Passport Renewal Process and Waiting Times Explained (Fast & Easy Way)

The process of renewing a passport in the UK is not as crazy as some other bureaucracy in the country of Queen Elisabeth. You can do it 100% online. 

If you need quick access to the application, here’s the link:

Now, you should consider renewing your passport if one of these conditions apply:

  1. your passport has expired, or
  2. the expiry date of your passport is coming near. Usually in 6 months or less

There are up to four ways to renew your passport in the UK: via the postal service, one regular online service and two online premium services. I will explain the waiting times for all of them, so you have all the information clear before you decide which service is best for your needs. 

Now, the government of the UK is very cautious when giving you waiting times for their passport renewal service, so they will usually give you a long waiting time to comply with that. However, we have estimated waiting times out of experience, so we will give you that as well. 

For the regular online option, the government of the UK says you can expect your passport to arrive in 6 to 10 weeks, but records say that it usually takes shorter than that, around 4 to 6 weeks. For the postal service application, the process can take a little bit longer. 6 to 8 weeks.

But why does it take so long? Well, the government of the UK needs to receive your passport first, and then they need to process your application. After that, they create your new document and send it to you via postal service.

Now, there are 2 other online premium services that you may try if you’re in a rush and need to get your passport faster than that at a higher price. The online premium service and the 1-week fast track.

For the online premium service, you’ll get your passport at the appointment itself. For the 1-week fast track service, your passport will be delivered to your home within one week of your appointment. Remember that someone will need to be in to sign for it.

Once you get your passport renewed you are ready to fly. Or are you not? Depending on the country that you want to visit, you may need to get other documents as well. And even more now with the Covid-19 regulations. 

If you want to know what other travel documents you need to go to your travel destination, simply go to and select the UK as your nationality and then your destination. 

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