UNIVERSAL TRAVEL CHECKLIST – All the documents you need to travel

December 31, 2021
Universal travel checklist

Regardless of the type of trip you’re planning, all getaways require a couple of travel essentials. Here’s the universal travel checklist:

UNIVERSAL TRAVEL CHECKLIST – All the documents you need to travel

Sunscreen, money belt, travel journal, swimmers, socks… what else?

Besides packing, there’s so much preparation that goes into organizing a vacation, or round the world adventure. But before we dive into what to take, we need to go back to the beginning.

Every travel checklist should start with a couple of key action points that are going to make this journey a possibility. And here we will review:

  1. Travel documents
  2. Visa requirements
  3. Health requirements
  4. Safety tips for your trip

Before the time comes to start rolling trekking pants into space optimizing balls, let’s talk about that paperwork.

Yes, we know it can be tedious, but it’s a must-review if you don’t want to miss your trip. Under the current climate, travel documents play an even more crucial role in planning an overseas adventure.

Due to the pandemic, many countries have tightened up the entry regulations and in some cases additional paperwork is required.

Which is why we recommend tracking your travel documents early. This means you have way more time to spend researching incredible things that you can do as your trip gets closer.

The last recommendation is to keep your documents safe. We recommend keeping all your documents together in a travel organizer. Print hard copies of all items. Yes, all the documents mentioned in the video. As well as any hotel or transportation bookings.

We recommend you store them in a secured part of your carry-on luggage that is accessible even when you’re in a hurry.

Don’t forget to secure your documents even if you’re just going to go to get some lunch.

And that’s all for our Universal Travel Checklist.

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