Visiting Mexico in 2021 – All Travel Regulations Explained (Tourist Card + Vaccination Requirements)

December 26, 2021
Visiting Mexico in 2021

Let’s take a look at how can help you start your next adventure and get ready for visiting Mexico in 2021. We’ll make sure the process is faster, easier and stress free!

Visiting Mexico in 2021 – All Travel Regulations Explained (Tourist Card + Vaccination Requirements)

Whether it’s the food, the music or it’s unique style, we all have something we love about Mexico. It’s just so iconic. 

There’s a certain romantic quality about Mexico that’s hard to put into words. I mean, sure you have places like Italy or France, which are amazing countries, but they lack a certain freshness, a flavour, that you can’t appreciate… unless you’ve experienced Mexico

Once you have your flights booked and hotels reserved. It’s time to think about the documents you’ll need. 

One of the documents is a Tourist Card. There are 2 versions of this card, Air (travelling via plane) and Land (travelling via car). It comes with 180 days of validity and a single entry. 

The Mexico Tourist Card is a handy document that most visitors will need to enter Mexico to do all the awesome touristy things! Keep in mind though, that this does replace a visa SO double check if your country needs one before you travel. You can check with iVisa!

To get this card you’ll need a scan of your passport details and a selfie of you holding the card that you’ve used to pay the application fee. Don’t worry you don’t have to show the whole number in the picture!

To apply all you need to do is:

  1. Do the application online. This is dead easy. have made it their mission to make applying for travel stuff as simple as possible. We’ll even double check everything for you! Once you’ve applied, you just need to pay
  2. Receive the document via email
  3. Double check your visa requirements. 
  4. Go to Mexico!

You don’t need to stress anymore when gathering travel documents. iVisa is here to lend a hand while you plan your next big trip.

We’re the leading company when it comes to making documents applications faster, easier and stress free.

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